is a new Io game where you will explore the For All mode with multiple opponents around the world. In order to become the top player, you need to meet every requirement consisting of kill, score, time, and max combo. Try to perfect those as soon as possible! Do not ignore using your big mouth because it is a lethal weapon! It can eliminate somebody by biting.

Enter your favorite nickname and you are able to start your story. You should not get close to anyone who is stronger than you still want to survive and progress. So, the beginning stage is quite important for a novice. Just concentrate on eating cookies to grow larger and heal your health if necessary. Do not forget to search for water! Drinking will help you improve your stamina and dash better. In other words, you can run away faster. But, use it wisely since it is not always available.

How to play

Use the mouse to control the movement. Hit LMB or Space to bite, RMB or W to dash and bite.

biters io

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