is a fast-paced Diep style action game. In which, you are forced to survive at all costs if you want to become the winner. Drop into a wide playfield unblocked and you are given a small blade. While the other people are trying to remove you, you have to protect your life and counteract them properly. If you are successful in eliminating those enemies, your sword will grow bigger and longer. Play online free you will be able to demonstrate your movement speed and even power without difficulty. It is about a multiplayer match full of colored dots and competitors. Therefore, it is simple to find prey. Quicky cross the weapon with the target to loot their progress! You must perform rapidly and show skills wisely to control your item, dodge, and rush. Are you willing to enter the arena and score the most kills? Customize your character and hop into the battleground right now!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct, click to speed up

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