is an interesting Io game inspired by Agario style. It is about the new survival adventure of a special form. The main aim that you need to complete is to occupy the top spot on the ranking. Once you collect the highest mass, you will take over the position that you want without difficulty. You start off with a tiny blob and you should eat as much as possible to enlarge and grow stronger. While you are hunting food pieces, you are able to gather power-ups. These items will be scattered across the playfield. Remember that one of them, the glue, can slow down those who are near you! Each of them will bring back different effects. Do not forget to avoid larger opponents or you will be consumed! When you are big enough, you can split or eject some dots. They are strategies that help you escape, chase, or create an alliance. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, Space to split, W to eject some mass, mouse scroll to zoom in or out.

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