is an exciting classic MMO strategy game that you will face a lot of opponents on the same map. Discover a completely different large arena and try to collect as many kills as possible to become the top winner! In other words, you need to launch the hook and eliminate them promptly. Completing that quickly also helps you prevent them from doing the same for you. After you enter, you can roam around and collect colored blobs available on the floor. When you consume them, you can recognize something changing. Indeed, your weapon will grow bigger. Besides, you are required to attack and smash other people to increase your score. If you face a stronger person, you are able to run away by boosting your speed. You can sprint around the side of a target so as to outmaneuver him if you feel confident. Are you willing to get the giant tool? Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to hook, RMB or Space to boost speed.

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