is a brand new Agario style game in which you will start off with a boat. Take part in a classic battle set in the middle of a sea and fight against all of the people. It is not simple to kill every enemy or become the top player! Enter your nickname and you are able to appear in the playing area quickly. Next, you will steer your tiny vehicle through the water. Remember to stay away from other opponents if you are still weak since you are really vulnerable at that moment. While moving, you should collect as many power-ups as possible because you need them for the next combat. They will offer a variety of bombs, mines along with other explosive weapons. They must be activated properly to cause the death of your target and sink their ships. Are you ready to explore the epic challenge and take over the leaderboard? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, accelerate or shoot. Tap Space to control picked items.

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