is an interesting bomb game inspired by other popular Bomberman games. In this title, you are a hostile Bomberman who excels at bombing enemies. You will go through a huge map full of obstacles, so the first thing you do is to clear them up using the bombs then pick up power-ups dropped from the destroyed obstacles to strengthen yourself. When your pathway is more open, you can get closer to other players easily and then quickly bomb them. You are advised to use some tricks to trap the rivals with the bombs, push them into a corner blocked by bombs around them. By doing so, they will get destroyed. At the same time, you must keep yourself safe from their bombs and try not to touch even your own one. Nobody wants to be eliminated, neither do you! Keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you get to the top rank of the leaderboard.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move your Bomberman and press the spacebar to drop a bomb.

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