unblocked is a new io game with Bomberman style. Prepare yourself now then step into a complex arena where you must finish off all of the ghosts and your enemies using your deadly bombs. free online will be a wonderful game for you to master. You will go through a huge map using your strategies with tactics to outwit all enemies. Try to set bombs near them, push them into a corner then trap them with your bombs. By doing so, they will be blown up in just a wink. At the same time, make sure you protect yourself from the enemies’ bombs or even your own ones. You don’t want to end up getting destroyed, right? So, you’d better pay attention to your surroundings and dodge all the dangers around you. As you rack up kills, you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best player! Much fun!

How to play

Use arrow keys to move, key Quotes to show the scoreboard, and key Esc to choose the room menu.

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