Try a new Bomberman game called unblocked! For all the fans of classic Bomberman games, they are recommended to check this title out for awesome challenges. game online pits you against new rivals. You have to bomb them all using your smart strategies and give them no chances you bomb you. Make your way through the map planting bombs very carefully as well as get other players to be trapped by your bombs, so you can easily eliminate them out of the arena. Do not get yourself hit any bombs, even your own ones, otherwise, you will be exploded, and the game will be reset. The more enemies you bomb, the higher the score you will earn. Keep growing your score until you hit the top spot on the leaderboard. Think you can triumph all over enemies and come out as the best Bomberman in the arena? Have fun playing game now!

How to play

Use the left mouse, arrow keys or WASD to direct your plane. The bombs will drop automatically in the game.

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