Come back to an important part of history in Call of War: World War 2 game and experience your way! Choose the faction you want, the Axis or the Allied, and play the role of a commander of a country. Your choice will bring back corresponding items, from infantry positions, armor, tanks and more. However, they will work when they are available, along with lots of powerful upgrades unlocked within Call of War: World War 2 unblocked. Deploy these units properly to get an edge over the enemy and push them back quickly! It is a crucial step to protect your territory and more. Join Call of War: World War 2 free online and remember to improve the navy with the air force! Aside from capturing provinces, you are also recommended to forge alliances and build up a thriving economy with friends. Finally, show up your talent to manage every resource! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to choose and send units

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