CastleGlory.IO is an amazing tower defense Io game where you have to show up many skills and choose the best strategy to deal with your opponents. You will play as a commander of a troop. Your mission is to defend your castle. Additionally, you are also recommended to demolish the enemy’s base as soon as possible. After you spawn in a kingdom, you can embark on your objective. You are able to summon and deploy various units when they are unlocked. They can be swordmen, horsemen, archers, or spearmen and more. Besides, you are allowed to build plenty of structures, for example, walls, mage towers, or Tesla turrets. Aside from protecting, you should attack wisely. Putting together both of these two elements will help you surpass the foe, progress, gain much more experience in order to level up and upgrade your stats. Let’s join and set up the strongest army now! Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to choose units.

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