is a competitive strategy iO game. Hop into the new match online and defeat every hostile Chomper to become the top player! Like, it’s necessary for you to turn into the biggest monster. So, you have to grow in size to increase the ability to win and survive.

Play unblocked and you can eat all of the treats on the map for free. They are randomly generated and scattered across the field. It’s very easy to seek food and enlarge. However, you will soon be the target of competitors nearby. Besides, you are able to deploy many different special weapons within to destroy bugs or somebody on the path. Aside from causing damage to the prey, they should defend your character from dangerous attacks. Once you stay alive at the moment you climb up to the highest position, you will claim the crown. Start your adventure and find the leader now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to move around, LMB to hit, RMB to boost up your speed

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