How big can your snake be? Why don’t you try playing Cool unblocked which is a new snake-themed io game inspired by to find your answer? A new game will definitely deliver a new experience to you. Cool online is taken in a 3D snowy world where everybody aims to become the giant snake. All of you will start as a small snake when spawning on the map. From here, you must wander around the map to collect power-ups to get your size bigger. You are a blocky snake that is trying its best to dominate the arena. To that end, you must keep eating pellets and evolving while attempting to avoid other enemy snakes when you are not ready to fight back. But when you are, you can use your body to encircle them or speed up to cut them off and make them run into your body. Nothing can stop you from becoming a giant snake! Join Cool game for free now!

How to play

Direct the movement of your snake around the map using the mouse. You can give it a speed boost using the left mouse.

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