is a space Slither style game where you can find tons of asteroids. Start off with a planet and you should crash into other celestial bodies and crush spaceships if you want to become the winner. Furthermore, you can dominate the top spot and rule the map once you beat rivals. After you embark on the new adventure, you should not ignore stars. Consume the dust along the way and you can make your orbits grow. They are the main weapons that you will use to attack your targets. Not only that, you are able to accelerate and drop explosive rings to eliminate others. Therefore, you have to act carefully. You’d better avoid running to similar deadly traps from your opponents or you will take massive damage. Attempt to survive until you are the strongest player! Let’s begin, open upgrades, and take over the highest position on the ranking!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB or Spacebar to accelerate.

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