CrazyBattle is a new 2D shooter io game. It is set in a large arena on an abandoned island where you will fight against multiple enemies worldwide. As in other titles inspired by the popular Battle Royale genre, you must survive if you want to become the winner. Are you ready to take part in the match and conquer the top spot?

Play CrazyBattle online after you start you’d better avoid all of the barrels because they can be shot, exploded whenever. While evading dangerous items, remember to search for good weapons and essential supplies! Try to gear up your hero carefully so you can score the most kills! While roaming throughout the battlefield in CrazyBattle unblocked, you have to keep an eye on everything and everybody nearby. Dodge hits promptly for survival! Besides, gather enough wood by cutting trees in order to build walls or craft a car! Prepare for the incoming storm from now on! Have fun!

How to play

Press WASD to move, Space to land quickly, LMB to attack, Shift to sprint, ZXC to choose wall types, RMB to place walls, 1-5 to select items, Enter to chat, E to perform action

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