is one of the best 2d shooter games inspired by style. In the new adventure, you are forced to survive as long as possible if you want to become the top player. Just choose the face that you like most before you take part in your journey. You will play against multiple aggressive characters throughout the world and you can also team up with other friends to work together. You should collect enough resources to build the castle that you desire. Aside from that, do not ignore craft the most powerful items to defend your home and eliminate more enemies. So, it is necessary to attack your rivals and destroy mobs along the way by wielding your sword or throwing stones. Furthermore, heal yourself if you take damage. You can eat food to restore your energy. Let’s get ready to experience the challenge and dominate the leaderboard now!

How to play

Use WASD to move, 1-9 to select items, LMB to attack or gather.

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