Cubes is a fun snake and game for your experience. You play with cubes and try to collect them as well as defeat others for becoming the biggest cube.

If you are a fan of snake game or 2048 game, then you should play a combo that combines those two games together. When you enter the arena of Cubes game, you will have to collect lots of cubes then eat other enemies that are smaller than you.

When you collect or eat them, your cubes will merge into other cubes with the same value. You can also absorb cubes with smaller numbers than you. However, you have to watch out for the bigger cubes.

Cubes unblocked also gives you power-ups to use in the game. You can go over them to use. Play Cubes multiplayer with friends!

How to play

For PC: Use the mouse to direct your cube and speed it up using the left mouse button.

For Mobile: Drag to move and double tap to accelerate your cube.

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