is an MMO racing Io game in which you will play with other characters throughout the real world. Get in a car and get ready to race against every rival. However, you should remember that you are going to take part in a fighting where you must survive as long as possible. You can perform a speed fast for a short time if necessary. It will help you catch up with the target or run away from somebody. Similar to other titles, you are recommended to use that ability smartly as it will not exist forever and you are forced to recharge it. Besides, you may consider about applying brakes, especially in case you want to avoid crashing. While you are roaming, pay attention to everything on the path in order to dodge wicked plans which are made to kill you. It is simple to learn the rules. Let’s engage and check out the gameplay right now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to boost, RMB to apply brakes.

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