is a fantastic tower defense game, the sequel to the original. It is a survival combat in which you will be able to search for more items and weapons while you are moving around the map. You will embark on your journey by collecting resources like wood and stone after you cut trees and mine rocks. Use these materials to craft tools, equipment, and build a base, houses or a large stockpile. Roam around the wild of and you should finish off other hostile opponents. You can team up with some allies and put up towers together or invite friends to join the same room or play solo if you want. When you level up, you will unlock many upgrades for your skills. The day and night cycle will make your life more exciting. Do not ignore finding food and defending from monsters! Note that the Boss has arrived! You can see him in the center. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD to move, Space to jump/charge, LMB to attack/use items, Q to drop items, Shift to sneak, R to dismantle buildings, E to mount/unmount weapons and turrets.

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