Can you race and drift through a huge map full of enemies? Play unblocked online right now to perfect your skills as well as compete against your opponents from around the world. In 3D game, you have to direct a car through a map and attempt to perform as many drift moves as possible so you can defeat your rivals. When you rack up kills, you will get a lot of points, which allows you to improve your car. If somebody is trying to attack you, quickly dodge them and use your defense to keep your car safe. The game will be reset if you get destroyed, therefore, make sure you play tactically all the time. When you earn a huge amount of points, you can gradually increase your rank on the leaderboard until it hits the top, which makes you the winner of the race. Join free game now!

How to play

Move your car using WASD, use the spacebar for handbrake, key C to change the camera, and key Esc to pause the game.

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