Drillem.io is not a simple adventure game. It brings a difficult challenge to the player. You need to work hard and smartly to collect the most valuable ores, keep you safe, and surpass other opponents. Indeed, you are going to join a multiplayer journey set underground. After choosing the tool that you like most, you can enter the map and embark on your job. You will start off with a small drill. Move around the playing field with that item and use it to mine and gather minerals to grow. After you harvest, you will earn lots of experience points. With the stat points, you can upgrade your abilities, especially when you level up. At stage 5, your gear will evolve. Besides, you are equipped with bombs. They can pass through other enemies tunnels and kill them. You should select the appropriate time to put an end to their life. Also, run away from traps for survival. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, RMB to drop bombs.

drillem io

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