There are already plenty of games like, and Ducklings unblocked is one of them that has just been added to the io games series. You become a little duck in Ducklings game and your mission here is to save as many ducks as possible. You will compete against other players in this mission, so try your best to defeat them all. You start moving around the map collecting ducklings dotted on the ground. As you move, be careful with dangerous boats and even evil enemies that can take your ducks. You should prepare some strategies in advance to cope with them and make sure they cannot touch your swarm of ducks. You must quickly bring them back to the nest in the pond safe. The big objective in Ducklings is to climb the top of the leaderboard to rule the whole arena! Are you up for this adventure? Come to play it right now!

How to play

Move your duck around the map using the joypad, mouse, or arrow keys.

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