Keep your favorite list of io games updated with unblocked – a free game with evolution style. Come play it in your browser to experience new challenges and meet new opponents from around the world. This is a thrilling game where you collect resources and use your powerful weapons to fight off all enemies for your ultimate victory.

When you step into the arena of free online, you have to cut down trees and palms, bushes and cacti to get your size bigger. As you grow in size, you can attack enemies that are smaller than you. But, you must watch out from the bigger enemies that can kill you with one fell swoop of their strong weapons. If you meet your end, you have to give your experience to the one who killed you. So, in this case, you should run away from them. However, try not to run much because your experience will decrease. Upgrade your character to become stronger! There are 12 levels with 4 different character classes, including killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. Try to reach level 12 to become the strongest player in the arena. Play for free!

How to play

Use the left mouse to attack enemies and the right mouse for acceleration.

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