Exocraft.io is a space-themed MMO game where you are able to build your own exocraft and grow your fleet. You will fight against other players and mine your way. Discover an alien planet and you will face plenty of ancient guardians along with other defenses who are trying to protect their resources. Meanwhile, you need to collect those materials for your construction. They are AI character. You are recommended to team up with some friends to beat these opponents. Aside from that, you will encounter several opposing groups on the path. Many of them are really strong. Note that the mechanics of Exocraft.io are heavily based on elemental strengths and weaknesses. When you surpass obstacles and earn enough experience, you can level up, get close to the top spot, and continue your journey. When you advance further, you will unlock more exciting contents and game modes. Let’s join the combat and check your abilities!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to deploy drones, long click on a target to deploy all drones.

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