Feudal Wars is a cool classic massively multiplayer tower defense game containing a lot of power-ups and upgrades. You will have the chance to discover a new role through an intense combat set in medieval ages. You will control an empire amongst France, England, Castile, The Holy Roman Empire, The Teutonic Order, and Venice. Your kingdom will have the unique units and bonuses. You are able to play solo or work with your friends after you share with them the room link. You will start off with a small force of mighty knights and a castle. Your soldiers will auto attack after you choose them and the target. They will help you capture other forts on the map, add more people and make you get closer to the top spot. By using the gold that you have earned, you can purchase a lot of different buildings. Let’s embark on your mission and dominate now!

How to play

Drag the left mouse button to select a unit. Right-click on the map to move them, right-click the enemy to attack them. Press Ctrl+A to choose all available units, Ctrl+# to set the currently selected units to a group.

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