is a Free For All strategy game. Check your skills through a brutal adventure taking place in a maze. Play the role of a Gnome and compete with other people to be the top player. At the moment, mines are in chaos since everybody is fighting against each other to become the richest one. Be a part of that greedy crowd you should collect as many gems as possible and do not forget to blow up your opponents quickly. You must control the map and prove that you are the boss. Each stone that you own will grant 5 points. When you take them, another will appear and replace after a while. In, green health packs will restore your HP effectively if you are damaged. In case you have eliminated somebody, you can decrease his score. Working together with friends will allow you to take over a room and gain more gemstones. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Spacebar to drop bombs. Hold Space and release to throw a bomb.

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