Gobattle.io is a classic massively multiplayer online game where you can find a lot of upgrades when you level up. It is about a cool 2d match that you can join FFA or Team mode. You have to beat all of the hostile knights as fast as possible if you want to become the most powerful player and earn much more gold coins.

Travel around the map and you can collect plenty of weapons. Use them to cause damage to the enemy and push back the opponent before they kill you. You are recommended to improve the ability of your gear with the money that you gather during the battle. It is also an exciting strategy to increase the winning chance. Aside from walking or jumping, you can cover your body with the given shield in case you are in danger. It is very important to make you stay alive and continue to conquer the top spot. Besides, you are able to restore your HP by drinking potions.

How to play

Use Arrows to move, jump, cover. Tap Spacebar to fire.

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