is a scary racing io game that has been already released. It’s about a real-time multiplayer match based on a popular sport. In which, you will take control of a ball and play against countless opponents from around the world. If you want to turn into the top player, you should achieve the highest score.

The point that you expect to collect within the competition of online will be counted after your run. Try to move fast to sinking your item! Do not forget to use the least hits! Come to the dark dangerous arena of free you can practice your shooting ability and much more. Making shots properly is important when you are at a high pace. It’s easy to find tons of objects on platforms! They can block you from falling into lava.

Alongside bouncing around them, you are able to sling your tool across unblocked whenever. Attempt to dodge attacks, edges, and survive as long as possible! Meanwhile, registering an account will allow you to obtain plenty of rewards and boost up your experience significantly. Do not skip Friendship Abilities! They can assist your allies or annoy other challengers. Let’s start the adventure, win and create playfields of your own now!

How to play

Press down Left Mouse and drag it to aim, release to shoot, R to reset the level, F to choose Friendship Abilities, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom

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