is one of the brand new io games. Play an exciting online multiplayer match against numerous competitors throughout the real world with no ads and use your resources smartly to dominate the leaderboard!

Get ready to enter the arena of unblocked by selecting the skin unlocked. Along with the unique outfit that you choose, you will be given a corresponding weapon. It is a special sword which can grow longer once you collect colorful blobs. So, you can evade conflict at the start of by Clown Games so as to gather those items for free. Be careful! Someone is able to approach and kill you while you are working. If you spot their existence, you should speed up and run away. In case you intend to chase or destroy a stronger rival, you can apply that ability without difficulty. Try to survive as long as possible and rapidly gain the best score!

How to play

Use the mouse to roam, Left mouse or Space to slash, W or Right mouse to dash

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