is a fun MMO strategy io game in which you will be dropped into a Red or Blue team. Aside from working together with multiple teammates online, you are also able to play solo. However, it will not be the best way to take over the top spot as fast as you expect.

Once you connect to the battle in the new unblocked, you can combat with any hostile player nearby. Meanwhile, you are recommended to roam without being seen although it is very difficult to carry out. Additionally, you should hide your body and defend your head. If you climb up to a higher position in free, you can observe everything on the map better and make a more careful plan. Not only that, it is exciting to enhance the ability to aim and score. In order to become the winner, you need to be the first party to gather enough 100 kills before your competitor. Are you ready to participate in the match and dominate the leaderboard? Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to roam, LMB to shoot, RMB to aim, R to reload, Shift to sprint, Spacebar to jump, 1-2 to choose items.

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