HexSweep.io is a Free For All strategy game in which you will play minesweeper with multiple rivals around the world. Gather on the same map and you should reveal as many tiles as possible to become the top player. Each of the characters will take control of the own area of the map. You need to expand that location by identifying blanks or mines in the right way. Otherwise, you can lose. In case you are certain a hexagonal space is an empty place, you can interact to flip it. If you are correct, you will receive more. To point out a square as a dangerous object, you are recommended to mark it with a flag. If you are incorrect and it happens to be a bomb, it will explode and you are forced to restart. Try to act carefully and wisely if you want to survive! You’d better observe numbers which indicate important information which helps you advance. Have fun!

How to play

Left click to reveal a hexagon, Right click to mark a mine by using a flag.

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