Play free online with many friends from across the globe! A big hole eating a small hole is the principle rule in Hole.o Voodoo game. You have to stick to this rule during the course of the game for a better chance of winning. At first, you are just a small hole when spawning in the map of unblocked. But through over time sucking objects scattered on the ground, your size will get larger, and gradually, you can take on the enemy holes that are smaller than you. Try to avoid the ones that are larger, or else you will get swallowed and the game will be over. Watch out for your surroundings all the time! You must prolong your life for as long as possible until you finally touch the top rank on the leaderboard to become the most feared hole in the city. Hope you have a wonderful time with it!

How to play

Move your hole around the map using the mouse.

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