is a new Io game free for all Android and iOS users to play on mobile. Take control of a chicken and you need to create the biggest or the most crowded team before rivals! It’s completely available for you to connect to the Classic match or enter a dangerous survival adventure. Additionally, you are also able to work together with multiple teammates on the same map. 

To finish the goal and take over the top spot in unblocked, you’d better collect as many eggs as possible. These items are scattered on the playfield at random. And, it’s very simple to break their shell and gather chicks after that. Aside from normal movement, you can speed up to prevent somebody from looting first. Especially, it is feasible for you to block your head or attack other players. Therefore, you must avoid every aggressive character and survive. Let’s access to the mode you like and show your skills now! 

How to play

Click and drag the left mouse button to move, Space to accelerate, Right Mouse to attack

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