How well can you survive in a world full of enemies? Play unblocked to see if you can conquer all of them and become the best survivor. free online is a battle royale io game in which players from around the world have to fight one another on a big map. The first thing you do when you spawn in the arena is to loot items from other players. After that, you will have to build walls to protect yourself and then collect some materials to craft more items, especially weapons. After you have equipped yourself with enough items, you can go hunt and kill enemies. You have to defeat them all while protecting yourself from their shots. Watch out for the zone that keeps making the map smaller. You have to avoid it and try to stay in the safe zone to dodge taking damage. The goal for you in battle royale is to become the best player!

How to play

Interact with items using E/F, use the left mouse to shoot, press Q to toggle build mode to build walls. Use the spacebar to jump, use Shift to sprint, use R to reload your weapons, use M to view the map, use the number keys from 1-6 to change guns. To drop and move your inventory, use the left mouse and move it where you want.

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