is a good Io game based on Slither style. Step into a dynamic world and defend against many different creatures. Or, you can choose to join together with friends in a group. Take control of a snake and move your way. You need to eat food orbs available on the ground to grow up and change into a longer character. When you increase in size, you should devour everything on the path to gain more mass. Additionally, you are able to circle your opponents and kill them. Be careful! Defend your head by avoiding running into anybody in! Otherwise, you will be the other’s dinner. Keep in mind that the smallest can cut off you easily! However, you are allowed to engage another journey and take the role of a beetle. You will discover an interesting life and try to collect enough nectar while dodging attacks quickly for survival. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move or fly, LMB to speed up.

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