Lordz2.io free online lets you take on the role of a commander who has to expand his territory and create a large army. It’s all for the tough battle against numerous other commanders. You have to build up lots of buildings to fund your army, keep them upgraded through over time, and when everything is ready, you will send your units out into the fight to conquer all enemies. The best commander must have good strategies, smart plans, and excellent skills. Are you up for Lordz2.io unblocked? Play it now!

How to play

Move with arrow keys or WASD, press the spacebar to dash, use the left mouse to attack your opponents, use the right mouse or E to activate the special power, use B to build your army, press U to buy a soldier, use F to make your army, use Y to upgrade your units, use the spacebar to divide your army, use C to change the army, use M to toggle the mini-map, use L to toggle the leaderboard, use Enter to chat, and use Esc to open the pause menu.

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