is one of the unique multiplayer online RPG shooter game. Discover another world along with strangers and conquer the adventure as fast as possible. You need to take part in fierce battles and play against fellow mages. Try to defeat all of them and become the top player! After you spawn, you will have the chance to experience a simple deep elemental counter system. It gives you 7 elements having the distinct styles, powers, and counters. Besides, they can be added to spells. In, you are allowed to summon minions. They will assist you while you are defending your life or tricking the foe, and much more. Do not forget to support your allies and work together! You are able to set up an order of wizards to occupy areas. For the spare magic scrolls, you can trade them and search for what you have not had yet. Much fun!

How to play

Press LMB to cast spells or interact with items. Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Enter to chat, Space to clear the current spell, 1-7 to add elements to the present spells.

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