Get ready to take part in the new crazy challenge in game and fight until you are the last standing man! Step into a dangerous area and play against multiple enemies. After you appear in the battleground, you must quickly gather some guns along with ammo, and other items like Medkits. They are essential for you in the next combat based on Battle Royale genre. Move carefully and act wisely to keep you safe during the journey. Besides, you can run away if you do not find how to deal with other people. By using the weapon that you have collected, you are able to gain more kills and increase the winning chance. Beware of the red zone! Try to enter the safe area and loot power-ups to get an edge over your rivals! Let’s check out your shooting ability, experience all of the upgrades, and become the top winner right now!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim, LMB or Space to shoot, RMB or W to run. Scroll the mouse wheel or press Q to switch weapons.

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