Pick out the favorite character and type your nickname to play MobSmash.io game online along with tons of cunning players for free! Experience the brand new built with the modern HTML5 technology and show up your skills to defeat as many opponents as possible. You will have the chance to fight against multiple enemies on the same battlefield at once. With the kill that you collect, you can climb up to the higher rank and dominate the top spot later. Just gather gold from your success and spend it on unlocking upgrades and other mobs. Not only that, MobSmash.io will allow you to improve your power and enlarge. At the start, you can focus on killing small and weak animals from vulnerable hordes. Do not forget to stay away from other competitors! Wild boars and bears will grant much more XP and scores. When you own 25-30 units, you can target stronger creatures. Remember to release your ultimate ability! Good luck!

How to play

Hold LMB to move, stop doing that to attack. Press RMB to use your ultimate ability.

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