Orn.io is a fun Agario style strategy game that you can play solo or team up with a few other players to create a small party. Discover a large 3D map and control a rolling ball instead of moving with a colored cell. It is necessary to gain mass because you can increase the winning or survival chance once you grow bigger. Thus, you are recommended to depart from your spawning point and take part in a dangerous journey in which you will be able to eat a lot of tasty food. Besides, you can chase smaller characters and devour them without difficulty. Be careful! You can be attacked and killed by those who are stronger and larger. You’d better stay away from these predators if you see them on the path before it’s too late. You can split if you want when there are no enemies around. Additionally, do not bump into spikes or you will be divided into pieces. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or LMB to move, Space or LMB to split, the mouse to rotate.

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