unblocked is a web-browser online game in which you play as a Paceman wandering around a huge map trying to fight against many enemies. On your way, you will see that there are many green and red powers scattered on the ground, you should collect them all to receive boosts which power up yourself a lot. The main objective here is to earn the highest score possible to hit the top spot on the leaderboard. Therefore, you must always gather as many points as possible. If you can eat up other players, they will release some of their points that can be collected easily. Try to protect yourself from the dangers around you! Do not get eaten by someone else, or touch any roundsaws on the map, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Keep yourself alive for a long enough time until you can climb the top! Are you up to join this adventure? Hope you have a lot of fun with game!

How to play

Use keys A/D or the left/right arrow keys to direct the movement of your Paceman, hold the mouse or the spacebar to speed up.

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