is a fun multiplayer game with plenty of mini-games to master. Are you excited about showing off your skills to other friends and defeating them all? In game, you will be taken through many mini-game with different challenges. Each game usually has 4 players competing against each other and they always come with an objective that must be conquered. You must present your skills during the games to destroy all opponents as well as make use of all bonuses with powerful sides of your character to triumph them all. This is a good chance for you to show them who is the best player here. The more you win, the more coins and trophies you will get. Keep collecting them through more games for a chance of becoming the ultimate victor of No more waiting! You’d better jump into the game right now to conquer it all! Much fun!

How to play

Arrow keys are used for the movement, use the spacebar to perform your action. Or use the joystick to play the game.

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