Pie.Ai is one of the best Agario style Io games that you are able to play Free For All or choose the Team mode if you want. At the start, you can receive a reward if you spin the wheel. Next, you can enter the battlefield and get ready to defend against every opponent. In order to become the top winner, do not forget to collect the highest score. Firstly, you should act carefully while eating food and attacking other characters. Watch out! Do not stand in the jam or you can be killed! The AI drones can move after you and drop cherry bombs. Additionally, do not get close to red zones or you will take damage and die. To restore your health, you can find and consume healing pies or hop into similar holes. When you survive and unlock skill points, your power and the ability of the armor will be increased. Remember to check the daily quest and visit the shop!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to jump, eat, fly, and attack.

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