RaftRoyale.io unblocked revolves around an ocean battle where players must fight and eliminate each other to see who will rule the entire ocean. You may have experienced many battle royale games set on big lands or islands, but now, with RaftRoyale.io free online, you will play it on a huge ocean map. All players must build their own rafts when stepping into the arena. After building a raft for yourself, you can use it to move around on the surface of the water to fight against enemies. Make sure you defeat the smaller rafts while protecting yourself from the bigger ones. If you take damage from the bigger rafts, you will be destroyed, causing the game to be over. Pay attention to various sea monsters, such as an octopus because they can also deal damage to you just like other players. Your big goal is to survive and become the last man standing!

How to play

Direct the movement of your raft and interact with the game using the mouse. Or you tap your screen if you play it on mobile.

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