is a fast-paced Io game. Fight against players throughout the world and become the top character. Discover a 3d map along with other enemies and teammates. Actually, you are able to play solo or work together with members of your team during the combat. You will control a robot and belong to one of 4 groups marked by nickname color. There are 5 capture points on the playfield. Aside from defending you from deadly attacks, you should help friends take over most of those areas. You will earn more XP when you defeat somebody and dominate spots in With the result that you achieve, you can spend it on purchasing upgrades in the shop. Better weapons will contribute to making you win faster. Besides, you are recommended to repair damaged parts in small cabins at the corners. Let’s engage in the battle and show your skills now! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and fire, Space to sprint, Shift to choose the shield, B to open the shop.

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