Drop into the new arena of Royalz.io and complete every challenge in a 2D shooter io game your way! It is about a multiplayer match that you need to become the ultimate character to win the top spot! It is important to collect good weapons and supplies! These items are scattered across the map and you can pick them up without difficulty. However, you should select the most essential tools to carry. Aside from guns, players in Royalz.io unblocked can find armor and food. They are great to defend your man from deadly hits or restore health in a short time. Like other Battle Royale titles, you are allowed to follow any style that you want. Be aggressive or hide as your preference! Furthermore, you are advised to stay alive at the end of the round. Shooting will be the main skill that you can manipulate within combat. Are you ready to fight and occupy the leaderboard? Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD to roam, Left-click to shoot, F to collect

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