S0urce.io is a fun online Free For All strategy game. Become a hacker and try to be the master as soon as possible! You will have to play against multiple cunning people around the world. Enter another world and you can use a range of skills along with the command prompt utility to complete your mission. So, you are asked to hack all of the rivals and break through their firewalls in the shortest time. If you are successful in attacking your opponents, you can earn a lot of money. Remember to spend the coins on buying items or upgrades like Bitcoin miners from the black market later! These workers will help you increase your funds. Aside from every activity that you have implemented, you should defend your walls and prevent the foe from invading properly or you can lose. Let’s choose a specific port and input a series of orders right now! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse and other keys to choose, hack, and buy upgrades.

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