unblocked is a new Agar-style io game with familiar yet addictive gameplay mechanics. game lets you spawn in a huge arena in the form of a little cell that aims to get the largest one. You will encounter plenty of enemies from across the world, coming out in different sizes, from the small to the big. You are able to eat generated cells scattered on the ground or the enemies that are way smaller than you. At a time, you must avoid getting eaten by the ones that are bigger than you, or else your game will be over, and everything will be restarted from scratch. When you increase in size, you will find it much easier to attack other enemy cells. Keep killing them and getting yourself larger until you get to the highest spot on the leaderboard to become the most feared cell in the arena. free game features a variety of game modes with various customizations. Hope you have fun with it!


How to play

Move your cell around the map using the mouse. Press key W to fire masses, use the spacebar to split.

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