Play free online and complete the new strategy io game by building up an empire full of factories as soon as possible! By combining every given material, you are able to create mills and more. You’d better learn how to deliver all of the necessary shapes properly so you can level up. When you progress, you will face more complex blocks. Try to manage everything in order to finish the target faster! Further, it’s exciting to unlock and obtain a lot of upgrades in unblocked! They are amazing items to speed up your activities. Don’t ignore the demand! It will indicate how to scale up your business and match everybody’s needs! Meanwhile, resources are great to expand the place and allow you to dominate the map sooner! brings back a massive playfield to conquer. It’s currently available on Steam! Besides, you can dig deeper into features if you get standalone. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse button to control shapes in the game

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