is a great 2D Shooter io game to entertain and practice your shooting ability. Not only that, you will have the chance to unlock a lot of upgrades after every 100 kills. You are joining an exciting match in which you will compete with other people for the top spot and fight against all of the zombies for survival. You are trapped in a city filled with frightening creatures. You’d better stay away from them if you are not ready to shoot at them. Aside from walking, it is feasible to drive a car. It is useful to escape from them or chase the target.

Play online unblocked you should make sure that your vehicle is provided enough oil to run. Further, it is interesting to build a base from available walls. It is helpful to prevent the monster from catching you. Attempt to survive and you will be able to gain bonuses, ammunition, turrets, landmines, and more! Step into the battlefield and embark on your job now!

How to play

Strike WASD or Arrows to wander around, left mouse to shoot, right mouse or B to create a base, Space to interact, Shift to sprint or drift, mouse wheel or click or press numbers to switch weapons.

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