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Sketchful.io is another wonderful drawing game that has just been added to the io games series. It’s all about drawing and guessing. You can play it free in your browser to challenge new friends. When you are an artist, you will receive a word then start drawing stuff in relation to that word so you can deliver hints to your friends who then have to guess what you are drawing. If they guess it right and fast, they will earn a high score. In the same way, if somebody is drawing, you have to focus on their doodles and try to guess the word fast to earn a lot of points. Keep up with your good work as well as grow your score! At the end of the game, the one with the best score will dominate the leaderboard and become the winner. You will have a lot of fun playing Sketchful.io free online!

How to play

Use the mouse to draw, use B for the brush, E for the eraser, F to fill the bucket, C to clear the drawing, and Z to undo an action.

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